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Woof Tickets RELOADED: Ep. 1.03

Saturday May 14, 2022

Saturday May 14, 2022

We're back discussing the NBA Playoffs, when giving a tip is appropriate, why nobody seems to care about Britney, and dudes in skirts. Yes, you read that correctly: dudes in skirts. 

Thursday Apr 28, 2022

Back at it again!
Episode 102: We discuss the NBA playoffs and the Nets surprisingly early exit.
We examined what we believe is really important in life and what should determine true success.
We debate whether celebrities should be liable for endorsing a fraudulent company or product.


Saturday Apr 23, 2022

Saturday Apr 23, 2022

Holy hell! We aren't dead! And we are very much back!
We discuss why we were MIA, then we catch up on the latest Kardashian saga, Jada's mind tricks, and school reform.
Thanks for listening...again!

Saturday Mar 06, 2021

Episode 100!!!
Thank you all for rocking with us for this long! Your support is much appreciated.
In this one, we discuss the movement to make Kobe the NBA logo, which naturally leads us to Meek Mill's lyric that upset Vanessa Bryant. We touch on social media shaming and decide what how much we want celebrities to share.
All this, plus the usual foolishness that you're accustomed to.
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Wednesday Feb 24, 2021

Episode 99!
Kim Kardashian files for divorce from Kanye West. We talk about what this means for each going forward and somehow we debate who was the better couple: Whitney and Bobby or Kim and Kanye.
Former undercover NYPD officer writes letter exposing the FBI's and NYPD's plot to assassinate Malcolm X. Randy is flabbergasted (apparently he is either naïve or has been living under a rock for his entire life) Amare isn't surprised or bothered.
Plus, we talk about Ted Cruz's escape from the state that he is supposed to serve.
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Tuesday Feb 16, 2021

Episode 98 is here for your listening pleasure.
Welcome back to the Woof Tickets Experience! The Podcast equivalent of AD and Bron are back to give their takes on all things pop culture!
In 98, Amare and Randy kinda sorta end the GOAT debate once and for all. Tom Brady is the GOAT King!! Well, Randy thinks so, Amare doesn't think Tom Brady's accomplishments are impressive, at all. We catch up with Tessica Brown, aka Gorilla Glue Girl (the real Triple G), now that her hair has been emancipated from its gorilla oppressor. We discuss where this ranks on the list of national dumb sh*t. We also dig into Apple v. Tesla and who was/is more influential and impactful. Randy thinks Tesla is overrated, Amare thinks Randy is crazy. Plus, we discuss black owned businesses and their importance to not only the black community, but America. However, Rand can't help but ask whether all the support we throw behind black owned businesses, simply because they are black owned, is hypocritical.
All this and a whole bunch more
As always, we appreciate you listening.
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Tuesday Feb 02, 2021

Episode 97!
We break down what the upcoming KC v. TB Super Bowl means for Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, respectively.
Amare is pissed at YouTube. Perhaps, you should be pissed too. Download to find out.
Plus much more.
As always, thanks for listening. Please like, share, and subscribe
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Music produced by DianRO

Monday Jan 18, 2021

Episode 96 is here for your listening pleasure!
The dynamic duo discusses what the James Harden trade means for Harden's legacy and the rest of the NBA. They also touch on the US Capitol Breach and it's likely long-lasting impact on the world. Plus, the guys draft their ultimate paintball team and decide whether ugly people benefit from COVID. All this, plus much more.
As always, thanks for listening.
contact us at woofticketspodcast@gmail.com
music produced by DianaRO

Thursday Jan 07, 2021

Episode 95 We are back!!
We debate whether Darth Vader or Thanos is a better villain. Which naturally led us to debate Marvel v. DC, and whether there is even a "winner." We also discuss the effect our of today's interconnected society has on all of us. Plus, much more!
Thanks for listening.
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Wednesday Dec 02, 2020

Episode 94 is here for your listening pleasure.
We discuss the Tyson-Roy Jones, Jr. fight, as well as Jake Paul's KO of Nate Robinson.
Amare believes that Jaleel White (the actor who played Steve Urkel) is the most famous black person alive. Randy tells him why he is wrong.
Our fearless duo dives into life in the USA and why the income equality gap is worsening.
Music produced by DianaRO
contact us at woofticketspodcast@gmail.com
Thanks for listening


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